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Zoom in (real dimensions: 640 x 1136)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 640 x 1136)Image
Note: This is a UNIVERSAL APP so this HACK works for both iPhone and iPad.

:Hack Features:
Unlimited Hoverboards
Unlimited Keys
All Characters
All Boards
Double Coins
All Eggs
Unlimited Coins
Hacked Score
All Limited Charecters and Boards

1. Download game and install it.
2. Download zip file.


dont forget to says thanks!! :P
3: Extract zip file "Documents" folder
4. Use iFunbox or iFile and go to /var/mobile/Applications/Subway Surf/

5: Copy "Documents" folder into /var/mobile/Applications/Subway Surf/
Or open "Documents" folder and Copy all playerdata file into /var/mobile/Applications/Subway Surf/Documents

6. Go to game and Enjoy

Note: You might want to backup your old "Documents" folder first in case you want to revert back to the old save game.

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